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Administration / Users


Main user profile

The first user is to be the user of reference, with superuser privileges: the official user profile for your business. Additional users may be created, without privilege to change your company information.


Edit user profile

From the main user account, you may modify any of your information, company offer and contact details. You may also edit additional users, if such have been created.


Insert additional users

It may be useful to your company, to employ different user logins (e.g. from different locations), each of which may present offers and requests to the Marketplace. However, additional users -dependent on one main account- may only do so, using a company's official profile and known contact data.


User Overview (superuser)

From the main user account, you may add, delete or edit users from your panel. Using individual logins, their external communications will unvariably profile with your main account's contact channels.


User Overview (added user)

From any of the additional user accounts, the main company profile cannot be edited or deleted: control is restricted to users' own data. However, users may interact with the Marketplace on your company's behalf.


AircraftRoot allows you to access the private aviation market and connect with professionals from all over the world.


We offer complete solutions for online private aircraft booking, while providing our clients with Global market visibility.


A reference Marketplace on the Internet, AircraftRoot is proud to offer the latest technology at very competitive prices.

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