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Aircraft Operators

Fleet Manager / Insert Empty Legs


Your Empty Legs - step 1

You are encouraged to offer an array of empty legs to the Marketplace, based on an aircraft's opportune whereabouts during a given period.


Leg of reference - step 2

Specify your aircraft's best trajectory as Empty Leg of reference. Next, you may mark up to ten alternatives such as may best suit demand.


Reference price quote - step 3

Now you may first specify an attractive price for your main feature Empty Leg.


Alternative routes - step 4

When you save your Empty Leg of reference, you will automatically be prompted to offer alternative legs to the Marketplace.


Add an alternative departure and/or destination airport such as would be a marketable alternative to your Leg of reference. Use the add and delete buttons to modify at will.


Add up to ten alternatives for each Empty Leg of reference, so as best reflect airports of importance in the proximity of your aircraft's locations.


Empty Legs overview - step 5

Listing of the routing details and suggested quote prices for your Empty Legs, including the relevant positioning for each alternative route. You may manually adjust the quote price for each leg, so to best suit your offer to the Marketplace.


Empty Legs posting - final step

When you save your Empty Leg routing details, you will automatically confirm your posted offer.


AircraftRoot allows you to access the private aviation market and connect with professionals from all over the world.


We offer complete solutions for online private aircraft booking, while providing our clients with Global market visibility.


A reference Marketplace on the Internet, AircraftRoot is proud to offer the latest technology at very competitive prices.

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