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  • FAQ - Brokers & Travel Agencies

  • How do I use AircraftRoot to increase brokerage?
    • AircraftRoot is set up to facilitate and stimulate the Air Charter market's dynamics of supply and demand: uniting FBO and Multi-Base Operators, Brokers and other Agency type companies. Special care is given to Brokers' selling possibilities.
      Every day, more companies join AircraftRoot. There where there are Brokers, there will also be FBOs, offering their aircraft. Your best industry relations stand to be forged here!
  • What is the Global Air Charter Marketplace?
    • With a truly Global reach, by means of the Internet and through our widely spread Sales contacts, our platform connects Air Charter professionals from all over the world. Member Brokers and Agents can easily find and interact with supply for any type of civilian-use aircraft, including helicopters, ambulance flights and special cargo carriers.

      AircraftRoot may also summarize your requests in alerts to be viralized in Social Media, such as Twitter, ensuring that a large number of companies in the industry learn the basics (then to come and check up on them on our platform...).
  • What does/doesn't a Free Trial account include?
    • The Free Trial account includes absolutely ALL platform services for the chosen account type (FBO Operator, Broker/Agency, Helicopter Operator, Helo/Broker). The trial period is Free because we want you to get the feel of our platform, before you decide to stay with us!
      If you should decide to join, later on, you will find that your account still works and can easily be upgraded.
  • How do I find the right aircraft on AircraftRoot?
    • Finding a jet in our system is as easy as typing in two airports and get quoted instantly from air charter operators from all over the world. All their relevant offer, including aircraft characteristics and price, will be presented for your comparison.

      Aircraft can be sought by type, load, number of passengers, speed, Etc.

      You may specify a maximum amount of fuel stops and other filters for query results, such as best specify your needs, narrowing down your search results for a quick comparison.

  • May I know Operators' updated availability and e.g. Transient base?
    • Operators can update their transient base in our system and this allows you to be informed of all aircraft movments and availability reports with a global reach.

      E.g. Transient base coordinates and time span can be advised to the Marketplace, at any time, to increase availability and knowledge, we recommend that you keenly monitor the Marketplace for your candidate aircraft's planned or possible movements.
  • What is the Empty Legs Marketplace about?
    • Never has it been so easy to post and receive quotes for Empty Leg flights, thanks to our intelligent Search Engine, able to find possible alternative routes and aircraft base compatibilities, closely matching any queried one way itineraries.
      Your offers will go out to all intermediaries. Please, make sure to quote prices for all legs offered, since the Demand side will want to receive this. Our data base tools permit calculating orientation prices, to aid Operators with this: the estimates will be indicative, and you may manually adjust any relevant flight- or service features.

      Social Media: AircraftRoot will now also post summary information of any Empty Legs as offered, as well as relaying relevant flight requests, on Twitter, in order to attract response, here, inside AircraftRoot. As a member, you'll do well to follow @AircraftRoot on Twitter!
  • Can I look for a multi-leg flight?
    • Yes, our platform can be used to program and review any relevant estimates for any (one-way, return) single- or multi-leg flights.
  • Where are requested flights stored?
    • Goodies, yes they ARE kept on record (until you choose to delete them). Flight requests are conveniently stored in your Trip Board.
      Unless you mark otherwise, all Operators will be able to SEE all the requests that you've posted..

  • Can I search flight routes for different aircraft types (heavy, midsize... cargo...)?
    • Yes, you can always specify different aircraft categories, e.g. Turboprop, Light Jet, Super Midjet, Heavy Jet... and so on. Also, you can specify features such as Cargo or Ambulance options!

      A promising new selectable in AircraftRoot is e.g. Firefighting capability. Look for aircraft capable of firefighting, in your area: when they should be needed, it's good to know they're there...
  • Does AircraftRoot's Directory list individual aircraft?
    • Our Directory lists all aircraft, helicopters included, and may also be searched by geographic area and Company names. A few Etceteras apply!
  • Can I search aircraft and Empty Legs by Airport?
    • Yes, you will find it easy to look for aircraft by airport (name or code), on our platform. There is also an Airport Directory, where we show (Google Maps) specifics for location and view, aside various additional data; such as, the surface type and operational status of air strips, their number or their length and width, airport classification and certification.
      If you search among airports, also the alternative airports in the vicinity will be quoted: according to your needs, you may further adjust or fix your preference.

      The listing of airports (alternatives) as a result of Empty Leg queries, by itself, will select only those airports where the aircraft may actually land, based on their relevant characteristics.

  • Can I see Empty Legs between broader geographic areas?
    • Yes, any such search on our platform can be as broad or as narrow as you wish.

      Empty Legs can be listed according to continents and general area: e.g. North America <-> Europe, or, Europe <-> Middle East

  • May I create different users for my account?
    • Good question. It is now possible to configure different user logins for your account, for up to ten different operatives (more, on demand) -- however, in any price estimates, request or quotes to third parties, your official contact details (i.e. your main account profile) will be used.
      If you need more than one account, for covering operations in different geographic areas or to different segments, such as would require different identities, additional accounts may be obtained at a sharp discount! Ask us: support at

  • Will AircraftRoot act as an intermediary on any flight deals?
    • Emphatically, no. We limit ourselves to providing this online Marketplace platform, where supply and demand may meet... As such, we charge no commissions of any kind, taking no responsibility for the business that our clients may conduct between each other.

      We are not Brokers or Agents of any kind, nor are we Operators of any aircraft. Although we maintain friendly relations with several companies (which we welcome among our clients), some even assisting us with industry knowledge and useful suggestions for the creation of AircraftRoot; out of ideology, we will never intermediate or even "keep favorites", because this would (1) be unfair to paying customers, and (2) disrupt the very principles of a Marketplace!
  • Can I invite more companies to join AircraftRoot?

    • Yes, you can. AircraftRoot welcomes referrals and you will do well by inviting your relations: incentives to invitees and to active referrers aside, you and all shall have the first hand benefit of an expanding Marketplace.
      AircraftRoot is growing fast, and we think it will be interesting not only to you, but also to your relations in the industry. Also, for an industry Networking idea, it is a good opportunity to get in touch with them: bearing gifts, even better!

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  Passeig de Gracia 130
  08012 Barcelona - Europe
  Phone: +34 93 284 4067

  Twitter: AircraftRoot


AircraftRoot allows you to access the private aviation market and connect with professionals from all over the world.


We offer complete solutions for online private aircraft booking, while providing our clients with Global market visibility.


A reference Marketplace on the Internet, AircraftRoot is proud to offer the latest technology at very competitive prices.

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