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  • FAQ - Air Charter Operators

  • How can I benefit from the best discounts?
    • Our Free Trial period aside, we have some interesting discounts on our Standard Annual rates: for one year, starting at the end of your Trial. We offer 35% OFF during this our introductory phase.
      An even more spectacular "while the going lasts" rebate offer can be enjoyed, if (before or during your trial period) you become a Member of our friendly and informal LinkedIn industry group, Global Air Charter Marketplace
  • What does/doesn't a Free Trial account include?
    • The Free Trial account includes absolutely ALL platform services for the chosen account type (FBO Operator, Broker/Agency, Helicopter Operator, Helo/Broker). The trial period is Free because we want you to get the feel of our platform, before you decide to stay with us!
      If you should decide to join, later on, you will find that your account still works and can easily be upgraded.
  • What is the Global Air Charter Marketplace?
    • With a truly Global reach, by means of the Internet and through our widely spread Sales contacts, our platform connects Air Charter professionals from all over the world. Members can easily find and interact with supply and demand for any type of civilian-use aircraft, including helicopters, ambulance flights and special cargo carriers.

      AircraftRoot may also summarize your requests in alerts to be viralized in Social Media, such as Twitter, ensuring that a large number of companies in the industry learn the basics (then to come and check up on them on our platform...).
  • How do I use AircraftRoot to increase sales?
    • AircraftRoot is set up to facilitate and stimulate the Air Charter market's dynamics of supply and demand: uniting FBO and Multi-Base Operators, Brokers and other Agency type companies, with emphasis on maximizing Operators' selling possibilities.
      Demand and Supply are never far apart in the Marketplace. There where there are FBOs, there will appear be Brokers (representing their clients' demand). You'll do well to sign up for AircraftRoot, and to invite your industry relations to come, too!
  • What is the Empty leg Marketplace about?
    • Never has it been so easy to post and receive quotes for Empty Leg flights, thanks to our intelligent Search Engine, able to find possible alternative routes and aircraft base compatibilities, closely matching any queried one way itineraries.
      Your offers will go out to all intermediaries. Please, make sure to quote prices for all legs offered, since Brokers will want to receive this. Our data base tools permit calculating orientation prices, to aid Operators with this: the estimates will be indicative, and you may manually adjust any relevant flight- or service features.

      Social Media: AircraftRoot will now also post summary information of any Empty Legs as offered, as well as relaying relevant flight requests, on Twitter, in order to attract response, here, inside AircraftRoot. As a member, you'll do well to follow @AircraftRoot on Twitter!
  • Can I quote alternative empty leg routes?
    • Yes, you can! It may suit you to post an array of empty leg departure and destination airports, such as lie in a couple of hundred miles' radius, if these would benefit most of the journey your plane is already going to make.
      Our platform application will calculate and suggest a number of airports in the vicinity, for your plane's departure location or for possible destinations, convenient to making a competitive price quote. Get the maximum out of your return flights if you can sell an Empty leg!

      The alternative routes, besides our platform, may also be posted to Twitter by @AircraftRoot.
  • Can I update availability and announce/modify a transient base?
    • Yes, that's precisely the point of having Availability features. Transient base coordinates and time span can be advised to the Marketplace, at any time. Home and Transient base operations will be estimated at the same price, unless you mark different rates.
      E.g. many airports will be the Fixed Base to only a small number of business jets. Transient, you expand your competitivity and bring the business to where a price quote may be interesting to clients! To increase availability and knowledge, we recommend that you timely notify the Marketplace of your aircraft's planned or possible movements.
  • Can I contact other companies directly?
    • Yes, it is our idea of a Marketplace, that you can interact directly with Brokers and with other Operators, through our platform, most especially in follow-up of posted requests and quotes... You can quote directly on Brokers' requests, send any message to other companies present in AircraftRoot.

      You are free to contact anybody, also outside AircraftRoot, e.g. on Social Media like Twitter, but we encourage our clients to check up on the details of any offer or request, here in AircraftRoot. before contacting them.
      Follow @AircraftRoot on Twitter, to receive summary information on Empty Legs, as well as relevant flight requests, then to read up on their details inside our portal.
  • Can I send price estimates?
    • Yes! You are encouraged to send your quotes on any flight requested, especially those where your fleet is positioned to make a competitive offer. According to a flight's characteristics, you can calculate estimates, by using our Trip Board: it takes many possible features into account, while you may manually adjust several of them to better suit your situation.
      As a result, you'll have an indication of a quote price, such as only your own knowledge of your plane's and service particulars will be able to improve on!
  • How will the Trip Board help me?
    • You may simply enter airport names or codes, aided by our Search Engine, then to select a plane from your fleet and manually adjust trip- or service-specific coordinates such as to reflect your aircraft's specifics and your company's best practice. You can manually adjust the specifics as estimated for your plane's model, such as: range, in-flight velocity, fuel considerations (e.g. the number of fuel stops needed), landing times, crew rest times and costs, etc. etc.
      The idea is to aid you in quickly getting estimates of flight times and indicative quote prices.
  • Can I post pictures of my aircraft fleet?
    • Absolutely, you are encouraged to upload images of your planes to each of your aircraft's Photo Gallery. If you don't upload any, AircraftRoot will usually have a couple of generic pictures of a specific model of aircraft, but there's nothing like posting pictures of the actual plane, its interior amenities, etc.
  • Can I specify the different activity or load characteristics of my aircraft?
    • Of course. Different versions of many plane types exist, and, you may have had it rigged to engage in different types of activities - e.g. carrying cargo, ambulance service or firefighting!
      Our latest addition being firefighting capabilities, AircraftRoot wants to help you make as wide a variety of offers as you need, for different kinds of flight requests.
      You may mark any of the options for your aircraft's standard service (passengers, cargo, ambulance etc.), or, additionally add such features to your aircraft, when replying to a relevant flight request.
  • May I create different users for my account?
    • Good question. It is now possible to configure different user logins for your account, for up to ten different operatives (more, on demand) -- however, in any price estimates, request or quotes to third parties, your official contact details (i.e. your main account profile) will be used.
      If you need more than one account, for covering operations in different geographic areas or to different segments, such as would require different identities, additional accounts may be obtained at a sharp discount! Ask us: support at

  • Will AircraftRoot act as an intermediary on any flight deals?
    • Emphatically, no. We limit ourselves to providing this online Marketplace platform, where supply and demand may meet... As such, we charge no commissions of any kind, taking no responsibility for the business that our clients may conduct between each other.

      We are not Brokers or Agents of any kind, nor are we Operators of any aircraft. Although we maintain friendly relations with several companies (which we welcome among our clients), some even assisting us with industry knowledge and useful suggestions for the creation of AircraftRoot; out of ideology, we will never intermediate or even "keep favorites", because this would (1) be unfair to paying customers, and (2) disrupt the very principles of a Marketplace!

  • Can I invite more companies to join AircraftRoot?
    • Yes, you can. AircraftRoot welcomes referrals and you will do well by inviting your relations: incentives to invitees and to active referrers aside, you and all shall have the first hand benefit of an expanding Marketplace.
      AircraftRoot is growing fast, and we think it will be interesting not only to you, but also to your relations in the industry. Also, for an industry Networking idea, it is a good opportunity to get in touch with them: bearing gifts, even better!

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